is a non-profit NGO that connects people from the fields of culture and arts. The organisation aims to provide solutions to artistic youth and their work in rural areas, helping them to move towards creative industries and independent entrepreneurship. SARA’s approach to youth work is mostly individual, getting to know the youth and providing them the support they need in particular. Therefore, our organisation focuses on the following areas:

– Work with teenagers and young adults

– Social Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurship education

– Creative industries and publishing art, music, books

– Project management

Our aim is to empower the youth voice in communities, to contribute to personal development of people within education and entrepreneurship education, non-formal learning, intercultural learning, active citizenship and mobility opportunities. We are striving towards:

Empowering rural and less advantaged youth and developing their entrepreneurship skills, therefore making extra efforts to include NEETs

  1. Providing society with a various types of volunteer assistance (individual and group) at the local level and development of the volunteer movement
  2. Implementing socially important initiatives and projects in the spheres of non-formal education, defend and promote human rights, universal values of tolerance, active citizenship, democracy and equal opportunities.

We are involved in many youth initiatives trying to spread the culture of self-initative, entrepreneurship and critical thinking. We are passionate towards increasing awareness on social inclusion and deminishing prejudices. We can provide sufficient know-how at all levels where our involvement is needed, such as implementation of activities and follow-up.