Social Hackers Academy

is a registered, Greek Non-Profit Organization, established in Athens, Greece, in September 2017. We aim to integrate people that belong to social vulnerable groups (refugees, migrants, unemployed Greeks & EU Nationals and in the future, people with disabilities), in the greek society. For us, social inclusion and solidarity are quite important values that we want to bring in our local community, by educating youth less-skilled in digital skills, in order to enjoy equal opportunities in the job market, and integrate in the society. We have decided to strive for our mission, by educating those groups, in a sector that is in high demand in the market industry today. This sector is software engineering, including the know-how & expertise on building websites and Internet Applications. Through capitalizing on tech education, as a tool, we aim to bridge the gap between the lack of digital skill-set among Greek human workforce and the high unemployment rates in European Union, in order to enable them to acquire job placements, in IT Industry.

Due to the digital transformation of our economy and the brain-drain that Greece currently faces, the professions that are somehow related to technology are going to raise by 30%, from 2020-24. Through this business model & plan, we can be successful in providing livelihoods and in teaching them on how to become financially sustainable. Our success depends a lot on making them actually employable by the job recruiters, as developers and employees that can handle technological systems and tools.

The core courses we offer include the Coding School (Full Stack Web Development), WordPress Trainings (front end web development) and Computer Literacy Classes (basic computer skills trainings). The diverse programs we offer, all related with computers, answer the needs of almost every target group of beneficiaries. We have embraced a flexible and adaptable way in achieving our mission and that’s why we can partner with other organizations and enlarge our beneficiaries’ pull. The Management Team wishes to stay updated about market trends and actions centered towards a better society, a society with Solidarity. That’s why, we have designed our programs, accordingly with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

We pursue to provide qualitative education programs (SDG Goal No 4), prevent our beneficiaries from remaining unemployed (SDG Goal No.8), while eliminating inequalities against multicultural groups (SDG Goal No.10). We also partner with organizations to share and maximize resources to be more efficient (SDG Goal No.17).

Furthermore, the team, running Social Hackers Academy’s operations, consists of volunteers, teachers, part-time & full time employees. Regardless of their background and experiences, we have established a culture, where solidarity prevails and people with different perspectives and cultural traits, cooperate in order to achieve a common goal. Almost everyone is originated from different country (France, Lithuania, Turkey, US, Greece etc) and we choose to create a multicultural working environment, because we believe that a diverse group of people, working on a project, will produce 10 times bigger results. Even though, Social Hackers Academy is quite a newly established NGO, as it operates for 14 months, we have managed to grow our programs, constantly searching for alternative funding sources, in order to engage and serve more.

At Social Hackers Academy, we run classes delivered by our volunteer teachers and then support the students by having access to a teacher in person all day during work hours as well as having online help in the form of an online messaging platform where all of our students and teachers can share knowledge. By providing round the clock support to the students we believe that not only can we give them a very high level of education we can also accommodate them in working at their own pace and in the environment they feel most comfortable working in.

All of our services are provided completely free of change to all beneficiaries and all students receive a laptop when they are accepted on to the course. Outside of the school, we are also involved in projects supporting other NGO’s in the region in providing advice in terms of computers, computer literacy and general advice around how to best enable refugee communities through technology.

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